OceanLines is about to undergo a major transformation.  Over the past year, I have been carefully studying reader response to the various stories we’ve done and I’ve decided to re-design the website to focus more sharply on two specific content streams.  OceanLines will, starting August 1, 2008, feature daily coverage of “passagemaking” and “marine science” news; each in a separate “feed” that readers can subscribe to.

In the Passagemaking category, you will find news and analysis of the boats that people cruise on, whether for a weekend in New England, a trip down the IntraCoastal Waterway, or across the oceans deep. You will be able to read about all the new boats from well-known brands such as Nordhavn, Grand Banks, Nordic Tugs, Kady Krogen, Selene and many others, as well as some not-so-well-known brands that might be interesting alternatives for some.  We will also cover news about interesting passages people are making and we will encourage them to post here and answer our readers’ questions about seeing the world by boat. 

The Marine Science category will provide popular coverage of the exploding number of fascinating stories coming out every day about new discoveries related to our oceans.  While decidedly distinct as a topic from passagemaking, there may be some readers who, like us, want to know more about the oceans we travel on. If so, this will be the place to see the highlights.  New understandings about global weather, environmental issues such as global warming, ecology and preservation of marine species, the evolving science behind government policies that regulate fishing and access — all of these will appear in the Marine Science category.

On the technical side, there will be a number of significant improvements.  Our website “refit,” if you will, includes new photo and media galleries that will allow us to give you a lot more to look at, and allow us to keep it organized to let you find what you’re interested in.  You will be able to subscribe, via RSS feeds to any of your favorite blog readers, for either or both content streams, and as always, you can sign up for e-mail notification of new content.  If you know right now that you want one or the other (or both) content streams, send us an e-mail and we’ll ensure you’re on the list for the re-launch, beginning August 1.

Please note that I’ve already posted here (in the navigation links at the top of the page) our new Privacy Policy and Editorial Policy.  Every website you visit should tell you how they use data collected during your visit; our policy does that and will hopefully reassure you that what we know about you and your visits is NOT personally identifiable.  Our Editorial Policy lets you know what our philosophy is, and in our case, let’s you know that we are not beholden to anybody; not advertisers or contributors.  We believe you deserve content that is as unbiased as we can make it and that when we express an opinion, it’s clearly identified as such. Have a look at them if you want to see the details.

I truly hope you will also consider giving us feedback on both the design and content.  I’m smart enough to know that there are many smarter people in the world than me and I hope some of them are reading OceanLines and will give us suggestions on how to improve.  So, as they say in the business, stay tuned as we prepare to re-launch this ship and send her on some great new voyages.


Copyright © 2008 Thomas M. Tripp

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