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SeaKits Delivers 100th Yacht with MMS Onboard

SeaKits LogoSeaKits said this week it recently delivered the 100th yacht with its unique Marine Maintenance System (MMS) onboard. The 100th vessel was Marytime, a new Nordhavn 60 being commissioned for owner Victor Murray. SeaKits also provided Marytime with complete spare parts outfitting, including stocking the boat with all service parts to support planned maintenance as well as common repair parts — all carried aboard in special water resistant kits.

Since we first wrote about SeaKits here on OceanLines, President and founder Barry Kallander has expanded the program by convincing several leading builders to include MMS as standard equipment on their new yachts.  Currently, Fleming, Kadey-Krogen, Outer Reef, Sea Spirit, and Selene Annapolis Yachts provide MMS as standard. SeaKits spare parts kits and MMS discounts are also available on yachts sold by Curtis Stokes and Associates.

Nordhavn 60 Marytime has the SeaKits MMS System Aboard

Nordhavn 60 Marytime has the SeaKits MMS System Aboard

Marytime’s owner Victor Murray said this about his experience in outfitting with SeaKits,

“MMS is a critical component to operating my yacht with confidence. No matter where I am on the water I always know what parts I have on board, when my equipment was last serviced, and when regular maintenance intervals are due. I appreciate being able to log all information and data in a central location and SeaKits training and support allows me to easily navigate MMS and use the system to enhance my boat ownership and cruising experience.”

Says Kallander, “Delivering MMS to our 100th yacht was a significant milestone for the company that we are quite proud of. We have great partners in the yachting industry and the product features we will introduce this year will benefit an even wider range of customers.”

SeaKits actually offers the MMS program in two flavors — MMS/Complete and MMS/Lite.  Since the December delivery to Marytime, Seakits has already outfitted another 10 vessels with MMS/Complete. Here’s how Kallander describes the difference between the two programs:

“MMS/Complete is a comprehensive maintenance management system fully populated with all of the maintenance and spare parts requirements as well as electronic documentation specific to the customer’s yacht. This is a major milestone for the company and one we are quite proud. Approximately 70% of our MMS customers purchase the vast majority of their spare parts from SeaKits as well, taking advantage of our unique parts kitting approach and global logistics. Customers can count on us shipping their parts to wherever they may be cruising – worldwide. We have another 93 vessels registered to use our MMS/Lite program which is the same software available in MMS/Complete minus the content. So overall, we have over 200 registered users.”

Kallander said SeaKits will be exhibiting at all of PassageMaker’s Trawler Fest shows throughout the year. MMS and all of SeaKits products and services can be seen at Trawler Fest and other major shows.

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SeaKits MMS Stows Aboard Sea Spirit Yachts

Seakits MMS Homepage

Seakits MMS Homepage

Passagemakers purchasing a Sea Spirit yacht will now have the added value of the SeaKits Marine Maintenance SystemTM(MMS), following a Fleet Solutions agreement between the two companies.  Seakits’ MMS is a remarkable system, invented by Barry Kallender, that documents every system aboard a yacht and then plans and monitors the maintenance schedules for those systems.  MMS also can provision a yacht with an appropriate spares package, depending on the intended type of cruising.  OceanLines wrote extensively about SeaKits MMS here.

Sea Spirit Passagemaker 60 Long-Range Yacht

Sea Spirit Passagemaker 60 Long-Range Yacht

The Sea Spirit Passagemaker line has been represented recently at boat shows around the U.S. by Dauntless, a Passagemaker 60 that has the MMS system aboard.  When SeaKits begins service with a new yacht type, the SeaKits staff will work with the builder to assemble a complete data package on the boat and will even walk down the yacht themselves, accounting for every minor variation in measurement and equipment.  They will then develop the recommended maintenance schedules and put them online where the owner or his crew can access them, updating logs and checking on both service and warranty milestones.

Sea Spirit Passagemaker yachts are long-range, full-displacement vessels, offered in lengths from 51 to 88 feet.  Designed by the world famous firm of Sparkman & Stephens.  OceanLines will have an article on the Passagemaker 60 in the near future.

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