Can’t Choose Which Satellite Weather Product to Buy?

Well, I can’t tell you which one to buy, but I can suggest a solution to the hardware dilemma.  Given that the U.S. government has just approved the merger between Sirius and XM,  it’s a fair bet that eventually you won’t have to choose one weather subscription over the other for your passagemaking needs.  After all, rationalization of product lines is one of the hallmarks of corporate mergers.  In the meantime, however, how do you ensure you don’t waste money on the wrong antenna?  The two products use different satellite transmitters and each requires its own optimized antenna.

New Shakespeare SRA-40 Satellite Radio Antenna

New Shakespeare SRA-40 Satellite Radio Antenna

Well, as Shakespeare would say, “buy both.” Shakespeare Electronic Products Group, that is. They announced a new Galaxy SRA-40 satellite radio antenna yesterday that has been approved by the engineering departments of both Sirius and XM. One way to look at the benefit of such a multi-tasking antenna is that no matter which service you already have, this antenna will pull it out of the ether for your chartplotter or radio.  Another way to consider this is that you can pick either Sirius or XM weather and radio now and not worry if the one you didn’t pick turns out to be the corporate surivor.

The antenna is quite small — 3.5″ in diameter and 1.35″ high.  It comes with  a special 25′ low-loss cable featuring a quick-disconnect, gold-plated TNC connector at the antenna’s base.  It requires no separate power cable.  The antenna’s single-cable design fits newer receivers, and a separate SRS-1 adapter retrofits to older, dual input models.  Optional 35′, 50′, 90′ and 135′ cable kits are available.  There are a number of mounting options and adaptors to handle unique situations.

Shakespeare’s Galaxy SRA-40 Satellite Radio Antenna has a limited 1-year warranty and a suggested retail price of just $109.95.  Here’s the contact info for Shakespeare:

Shakespeare Electronic Products Group,
6111 Shakespeare Rd., Columbia, SC  29223 
Tel:  803-227-1590; Fax:  803-419-3099

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