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Mike Perham is (Newest) Youngest Solo Sailing Circumnavigator

Mike Perham Crosses Circumnavigation Finish Line -- PPL PHOTO AGENCY - COPYRIGHRT RESERVED

Mike Perham Crosses Circumnavigation Finish Line -- PPL PHOTO AGENCY - COPYRIGHRT RESERVED

17 year-old British sailor Mike Perham has become the youngest person to sail single-handed around the world.  His 50-foot yacht crossed the traditional Lizard/Ushant line marking the start and finish point of his 30,000 mile record-setting in bright sunshine at 09:47:30 secs (local) a.m. this morning – two months inside the previous age record set by American teenager Zac Sutherland.

Aged 17 years, 164 days old the teenager from Potters Bar Hertfordshire, was escorted across the line by Royal Navy guard ship HMS Mersey, a helicopter from 771 Squadron at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose, and a small flotilla of press boats that had been on standby overnight to record his finish.  

Perham said,  “I’ve made it, I’ve made my dream come true and it feels amazing.  A BIG BIG thanks to my Dad, Mum, all the sponsors and every one who has helped me along the way.  I can’t believe that the Royal Navy has sent HMS Mersey and a helicopter to witness my crossing the line. I feel very honoured.”

Perham’s father said,  “Mike is a very special son, he has done incredibly well.  He has shown that with determination, you can succeed even in the most adverse circumstances.  He has shown the world that he is an extraordinary young man and an inspiration to us all.”   The First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, KCB OBE ADC passed a congratulatory message to Perham as he sailed past The Lizard via Lt Cdr Carl Wiseman Captain of HMS Mersey:

“The Royal Navy offers its sincere congratulations to Michael Perham on his record breaking single-handed sailing circumnavigation. This is a remarkable and inspirational achievement in one so young, another impressive event in the rich Maritime history of this island nation and of the Perham family”.

Readers can check out the full log of the trip, along with more photographs at a website hosted by Perham’s boat sponsor here.

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Teenager Finishes Youngest-Ever Solo Circumnavigation


U.S. teenager Zac Sunderland this week finished a solo circumnavigation, making him, at 17, the youngest ever to accomplish such a feat.  His 13-month, 26,000-mile voyage began and ended at Marina del Rey, California and took the young sailor above and below the equator, through pirate-infested waters, around Cape Horn and through the Panama Canal.  There’s been lots of news coverage of the trip over the last couple of days, so we won’t repeat all the details here but it’s quite an accomplishment for anyone, never mind someone not old enough to vote.

Profile of Zac Sunderland's Intrepid

Profile of Zac Sunderland's Intrepid

The American Sailing Association notes that fewer than 250 people have successfully solo-circumnavigated.  Three times that number have scaled Mt. Everest, just to put the accomplishment in some perspective.  ASA has an interesting press release on Zac’s record-breaking trip, along with some interesting trivia about circumnavigations and circumnavigators here.

You can read more details of Zac’s trip at his blog and you can follow the progress of some other circumnavigators on a special page of The Deep Radio Show here.

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