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Dashew Offshore Working on FPB 112 Design

Dashew Offshore FPB 112 starboard profile

Dashew Offshore FPB 112 starboard profile

The Dashew Offshore designs, pioneered by Steve and Linda Dashew’s Wind Horse and the tens of thousands of miles under her keel, have been moving smartly forward recently, with the FPB 64 in production and now, the FPB 112 moving into detailed design and production.  Wind Horse, the FPB 83 that served as the prototype for the FPB line, accumulated more than 25,000 miles of cruising in her first 11 months.

These boats are designed to handle the worst the oceans can deal; not that you would voluntarily seek those conditions, but for the peace-of-mind in knowing you would survive an accidental encounter.  The FPB boats are long and slender, with extremely fine entries that serve to pierce as much as climb head seas, and stern contours designed to make sure they don’t get squirrelly in following seas. And finally, they are self-righting, a unique capability in recreational class powerboats to my knowledge.

Another unique characteristic is the aluminum hulls. They are unpainted and for good reason. Here is Dashew’s take on bare aluminum:

“Let’s look at the advantages of bare aluminum:

  • No maintenance.
  • No worries about rafting against commercial boats.
  • Lighter.
  • Low key work boat look (or, at least it does not look like a conventional yacht).
  • Significantly less capital cost.
  • Minimal costs associated with maintenance.
  • Tolerates “operator error” and can be touched up or cleaned with a four inch grinder.
  • No periodic repainting the topsides.

But what happens if you fall in love with the new boat look and want to keep your FPB shiny? This is easily solved with some young muscle, a bit of scaffolding, and a lot Scotchbrite abrasive pads during haul out. And with the interest earned on the money saved by going bare you can more than pay the yard bill for polishing the topsides.”

Deckhouse Interior of the PFB 83 Wind Horse

Deckhouse Interior of the PFB 83 Wind Horse

The deckhouse design of the FPB series is centered on a concept known as the “360 degree view,” which means that all the main daytime spaces are on a single level surrounded by windows (offshore-rated, of course).  This photo from the Dashew website, illustrates the effect nicely.

If you’re in the market for an expedition yacht that can offer the ultimate in safety design while also giving you a unique take on luxurious accommodations, take some time to explore the FPB series from Dashew Offshore.  The design website and the sister site are chock-full of useful information for cruisers of all kinds, whether or not you’re a potential client.

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