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More Night Navigation Models from FLIR

FLIR First Mate Thermal Imaging Monocular

FLIR First Mate Thermal Imaging Monocular

FLIR this week announced expansion of both its fixed M-Series and handheld First Mate series of night vision devices. They’ve covered several different price points now with the First Mate monoculars, which we wrote about here on OceanLines. The M-series also gets a new, less-expensive version that drops the low-light camera and carries only the thermal imager, which I don’t really consider a downgrade since the thermal imaging technology is profoundly superior for the task of night navigation and hazard avoidance.

The First Mate line adds two new models — the First Mate XP and XP+, which have the same 320 x 240 thermal image resolution as the M-Series, as well as expanded envionmental survivability ratings and still image capture capability. The XP+ model also offers the ability to capture live thermal video to a removable SD card. My colleague Ben Ellison at Panbo did a more detailed write-up of these new units.

Here’s the current MSRP info for the First Mate line:

HM-224:            $2,999
HM-224 Pro:     $3,999
HM-324 XP:       $4,999
HM-324 XP+:     $5,999

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