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Leopard 37 Power Cats Now Crossing Oceans

Leopard 37 Powercat

Leopard 37 Powercat

An article earlier this spring in the highly regarded website reports that several Leopard 37 Powercats were delivered on their own bottoms, transatlantic, from their South African builder to the Caribbean islands in advance of this year’s charter season.  On one delivery, captain Piet Schepers and two crewmates delivered a Leopard 37 Powercat from Robertson and Caine’s Capetown, South Africa factory to Tortola, BVI.

The 37 Powercat, according to BYMNews, was loaded with 633 gallons of fuel, 32 gallons of water and additional gear.  BYM reports that the boat traveled 1,740 NM before refueling at St. Helena, and then ran an additional 2,k559 NM to Brazil.  The last 2,335 NM leg brought the boat to Tortola, with total travel time of less than one month.  The article says the boat encountered winds to 35 mph and significant seas.  The captain turned right around and headed back to South Africa to pick up another 37 Powercat, saying, “This is a lot more boat than meets the eye.”  We’ve written quite a bit about Leopard Catamarans here on OceanLines.  In our view, they represent seriously good value for cruisers and serious passagemakers.  A transatlantic self-delivery is no mean feat for a 37-foot power boat and while that may not necessarily make it the ideal global circumnavigator, it does speak for its seaworthiness and reliability.

You can read BYM’s full article here.  The site has a good collection of industry, regulatory and cruising news and features.

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