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First Two Nordhavn 75 EYFs Meet in Cabo

Nordhavn 75 EYFs 1 and 2 Meet in Cabo -- Photo Courtesy of P.A.E.

Nordhavn 75 EYFs 1 and 2 Meet in Cabo -- Photo Courtesy of P.A.E.

There’s a great little item on the P.A.E. Nordhavn website about a chance meeting of the first two 75 Expedition Yacht Fisher (EYF) boats in Cabo San Lucas this summer. The two families who own hulls no. 1 and 2 apparently read the marketing materials that P.A.E. produced when it launched the new model.  One family is using their 75 EYF to explore, while the other boat is a serious offshore fishing boat.  Shall we vote on which color we like best?  I think they’re both nice, but for MY 75 EYF I’m going to choose a dark blue. You?

Here’s an excerpt from the P.A.E. post, which is worth a visit to read in its entirety:

“Of course, Cabo’s not so big that the two huge, uniquely beautiful Nordhavn Yacht Fishers could escape without crossing each other’s paths. They didn’t, and it was a remarkable sight, indeed, to see them – for the very first time since they were on stands at the factory in China – sitting side by side. Save for the paint color and a few variations, the boats were identical. You’d never guess the different personalities each possessed – one, host to family vacation getaways; the other, a gateway to fishing nirvana.”

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