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You Need to See the Nord Star Pilothouse Boats

Nord Star 31 Patrol Port Side Running Shot -- Photo:  Allen M. Clark/

Nord Star 31 Patrol Port Side Running Shot -- Photo: Allen M. Clark/

I figured I might as well just get it out there up front.  These are boats unlike any others you’ve likely seen.  And although that alone would be reason enough to take a look at them, it turns out when you do see them I think you’re going to like what you see.  They are strong, seaworthy, practical cruisers for couples and families who understand where the real value in a boat is.  Yes, I know that sounds like a ringing endorsement.  It is.  And yes, there are a couple of nits I’ll pick but they’re nothing that can’t be easily fixed and some might just be my own opinions.  Right now you’re going to have to do a little work to see one of these boats, which is one reason we’re covering them here on OceanLines.  But if things continue to go well for Nord Star USA, the boat’s importer for the U.S. market, you’ll soon have a dealer near you no matter where you live.

Builder and Brand

First, a little background on the Nord Star brand.  These boats, which comprise a model line known fully as the Nord Star Patrol series, ranging from 24 feet to 40 feet, are built in Finland by parent company Linex-Boat Oy, the Lindkvist family-owned firm that has delivered more than 3,000 recreational, commercial and government-class vessels.  The patriarch of the Lindkvist family started building wooden fishing and workboats in the 1920’s.  Today’s modern fiberglass production facility is certified to the highest ISO 9001-2000 standards and the boats themselves meet the stringent CE Ocean Class B rating for offshore seaworthiness.  That last standard means, among other things, that the boats will safely handle seas up to 13′ and winds in excess of 40 knots.  Suffice it to say the boat can handle more than you can.

The Nord Star Patrol line has a nearly straight sheer from its sharp bow to wide transom, with its lines dominated by the central deckhouse/pilothouse.  The reverse angle on the windshield serves a very practical purpose in reducing glare and shedding spray, but also lends a working trawler look to the boat.  Sturdy sliding doors on either side of the pilothouse add to that look and also make line-handling a snap, with a mid-ships spring cleat within easy reach.  The boats are diesel-powered with modern, electronically controlled Volvo powerplants, all the way up to the IPS pod drives of the Nord Star 40 Patrol.  The diesels drive beefy Duoprop sterndrives which help maximize efficiency and maneuverability.  More about that later.

The interiors of the Nord Star line feature teak and pin soles and oiled teak cabinetry.  The accommodations are somewhat cozy in the deckhouse but when you have to go outside in a rolling seaway along the extra-wide and deep side decks, you understand the value of that small compromise.  Yes, the house could be a couple of inches wider, but those couple of inches serve the boat and owner better on the side decks.  (Read more about the boat, its performance and price after the jump)

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