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PAE Launches the Nordhavn 63

Artist's Rendering of the New Nordhavn 63 Luxury Trawler

Artist's Rendering of the New Nordhavn 63 Luxury Trawler

Pacific Asian Enterprises has announced the latest of the 4th generation Nordhavns, the Nordhavn 63.  This new model builds on the successful 55 hull but uses new deck and engine room molds for a roomier, more efficient layout.  The 63 has a narrower hull than the famous Nordhavn 62, which together with the 46 represents the first generation of Nordhavns.  The new 63 will appeal to people who want the roominess and overall size of the 62 but can’t find a slip for the 20 foot 4-inch beam of the earlier model.  The beam on the 63 is 18 feet yet the engine room and some interior spaces will feel much roomier than on the 62.

If you take a look at the Nordhavn line, there is a very interesting crossover point, a couple of them actually, in the mid-size models.  We’ve put some of the key measurements in the table below.  The 55 is the starting point, as it’s the hull for both the 60 and 63.  The 55 has a forward (mid) pilothouse; the 60 keeps the same deckhouse but adds five feet in the aft cockpit, and finally the 63 moves the pilothouse aft and has the same measurements as the 60, except that it draws more water.  In the midst of all these new, fourth-generation models, is the staunch veteran of the fleet — the 62; a first-generation Nordhavn that the company just can’t seem to kill.  People still want to buy it because of its unequaled reputation as a tough, tried-and-true bluewater boat.  The 62 is almost a foot-and-a-half wider than the newer 50/60/63 models and displaces almost 50 percent more.  Only when you move up to the 64 and 68 do you get back into that weight class.

Comparative Specifications for Norhavn Mid-Size Yachts 

 —— N55 60 62 63 64 68
LOA   59′-0″ 65′-3″  62′-8″  65′-3″  64′-0.5″  68′-0.5″
LWL  50′-1″ 57′-3″  55′-6″  57′-3″  59′-2″  63′-2″ 
Beam 18″-0″  18′-0″  19′-4″  18′-0″  20′-4″  20′-4″ 
Draft 5′-9″  5′-9″  6′-5″  6′-6″  6′-0″  6′-2″ 
Disp. 97,360  102,860  155,000  102,860  146,075  156,075 

Source:  Nordhavn Website

One of the driving forces for the 63 was customer demand for an aft-pilothouse boat like the 62, but with more room and less beam.  Sounds like a tough design challenge; except that Nordhavn had the 55 hull to work with.  In fact the launch customer for the 63, a couple from the mid-west, couldn’t find a 20-foot slip in their desired homeport, which forced the narrower beam requirement.  It won’t be much of a compromise, however.  The 63 has nearly two more feet of length at the waterline than the 62 and nearly three feet more length overall.  Combine those with the new interior molds, enabling the larger engine room and better layout, and you have the reason Nordhavn agreed to do the boat.

Among the new features enabled by the interior mold changes are the crew quarters just forward of the engine room, with both a fixed and pipe berth.  There is also a standard centerline guest stateroom and four large, opening port lights.  The 63 will also feature a standard raised-panel cherry, first seen on hull #1 of the 75 Expedition Yachtfisher.  The galley will have two V700 series Subzero refrigerators and one freezer.  The main salon on the 63 is larger than that on both the 55 and 60 and offers two wrapping settees for entertaining, with the galley on the same level.

The 63 will be powered by the John Deere 6081AFM w/M3 rating of 330 HP @ 2,300 rpm, which is keel cooled to enable a dry stack exhaust. The transmission is an equally bullet proof ZF ZFW320 with a 4 to1 reduction gear. The Nordhavn 63 has a projected fuel capacity of 2,250 gallons contained in four main tanks and one aluminum “day tank” holding 31 gallons which will gravity feed from main wing tanks and center tank.  As with all Nordhavns a range of at least 3,000 nm is projected.

The large open foredeck can support a tender as large as 17 feet and it comes standard with a Steelhead ES 1500 telescoping yacht crane with a 1500-lb. safe working load.  Another design cue taken from the N75 EYF is the updated dry stack which trails aft of the radar platform and forms the support for the dual tracking domes atop the pilot house.

Delivery of hull #1 is expected in late 2010.

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